Summer greetings from the office

Summer greetings from Jaakkola Architects! Temperature peaks of summer 2023 have been reached and our staff is returning from their summer holidays. During the summer our office has employed two summer interns, Venla and Robin, who’ve assisted in various tasks that have enabled learning for the future architects. At the Jaakkola Architects company, we’ve had an annual goal of employing summer interns. Furthermore, we’re glad to announce that many of the prior interns have continued working here alongside their studies and after graduation in an ongoing employment.

“As an intern at Jaakkola Architects you are welcomed and assisted by a team of professionals” states Robin Brandes – 3rd year Construction Architecture student at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

“This year’s work assignments for us interns have been interesting, especially in the repair construction projects, where we participated by creating tenders of different kinds” tells Venla Leinvuo – 2nd year Architecture student at Aalto University.

Venla has been working as a summer intern at Jaakkola Architects for six summers now and Robin on the other hand is currently on his first year. Both are passionate students who see Jaakkola Architects as an inspiring and supportive work environment. During July the immediate supervisor for the interns was Matias Virkamäki, who himself started his career at Jaakkola Architects back in 2016 as an intern.

Happy last days of summer and beginning of autumn from all of us at Jaakkola Architects!

This article was written by our summer intern Robin Brandes.