Summer job at Jaakkola Architects

One of Jaakkola Architects’ goals is to hire summer employees each year to assist permanent designers and to learn alongside the work. Some summer employees have continued to work at Jaakkola Architects during their studies, as well as in permanent employment after graduation. Summer employees Venla and Ilona introduce themselves and describe what a high schooler’s summer job is like at Jaakkola Architects.

“Hello! I’m Venla and I’m 18 years old. This spring I graduated from high school. I completed my work practice program here in 2018 and the following summer I got a summer job here. This is my fourth summer working at Jaakkola Architects. One of the best things working here has been making facade renderings. I’ve been able to use the skills I’ve learned in school, for example in my arts studies.” -Venla

“Hi! My name is Ilona and I’m 18 years old. I’m currently in high school and I will be graduating next year. I got a summer job here in 2018 and this is now my fourth summer working here. The workgroup at Jaakkola Architects has been amazing and has encouraged me to apply to studies in the field of architecture.” -Ilona

At Jaakkola Architects our work tasks include for example keeping the office organized and setting up beverages for meetings. We have also done facade renderings and due to that we have learned how to use image processing software. We are both interested in architecture and someday wish to have a job in the field. It has been fascinating to be able to get an insight on what an architect’s job is like on a daily basis. Altogether this job has been a pleasant experience.

Jaakkola Architects and the summer employees wish you a happy summer!