Vaisala Product development moves under same roof

Vaisala’s new product development and innovation center gathers the company’s previously separate product development and innovation premises under one roof and at the same time brings the whole trajectory of product development to display. Designed by Jaakkola Architects and later at the end of the year 2020 completed product development building premises in Vantaanlakso, which contains i.e. a radioecho-free EMC-laboratory, a tremor insulated vibration-laboratory, cryo-laboratory, and environmental laboratory. The building also holds versatile and convertible working spaces and a restaurant for 300 people. On the facades’ are visualized, using graphic concrete, Vaisala’s inventions related to the weather radar impulse, that gets an echo back.

Vaisala is a global leading company specialized in weather, environmental, and industrial measurement solutions. In Vaisala company’s own words “Whether our products and solutions are monitoring cell culturing, helping nations and people to cope with extreme weather or going to space with NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover, they need to work reliably and accurately in the most extreme of conditions, always fulfilling demanding requirements for measurement performance.” The new product development center provides inspiring premises for advanced level research, innovation, and new product development.

Vaisala product development and innovation center

Photography © Kari Palsila 2021