Visit music-oriented Jousenkaari school virtually

Get to know Jousenkaari School in Tapiola, Espoo. This music-oriented primary school for 480 pupils was completed in 2022. The class rooms, located in pairs, can be opened and combined to make co-teaching possible. The heart of the school is the main lobby with grandstand stairs and a music practice hall, that opens from behind a transfer wall. The music practice hall and the school gym can be further opened and combined with removable transfer walls, making it possible to organize a performance for an audience of circa 300 people. The matrix concrete facade is decorated with the opening verses of Sibelius Op.75 The Spruce, immortalized in graphic concrete, welcoming the pupils to the school.

Jousenkaari school

Jousenkaari school, video © Erik Vartiainen ja Pyry Rantanen 2022